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Sometimes, I feel that the vast universe contains many mysteries and that we as individuals are like specks of dust within it.

I believe that the universe is a spiritual world that transcends times and space, and that within the universe, humans have been given a small portion of its space to exist in. The universe looks like a gigantic expanse of chaos. However, the planets turn around in their fixed track and I find myself existing in a small part of that. This truth is what I try to express through my painting. My works focus on the human experience itself. If I were to divide the world into two entities, these would be ‘me’ and ‘everything else', such as influences from other people, matters, systems, rules or circumstances. These are the concepts that infiltrate deep inside my mind. 

Just as people can be both rational as well as spontaneous, so my paintings also combine rational and spontaneous elements. Just as each individual person is a unique being in their own combination of rational and spontaneous qualities, so my latest pieces reflect the same uniqueness of this combination of qualities.

Quick and spontaneous-looking touches can be seen in my paintings as if drawn unintentionally. However, these are actually the result of much effort to harmonize the whole concept of my paintings. I wanted to express these touches as each human existence, or as one being in among countless other lives that have existed in time and space before me. And although one being among so many other beings that have existed throughout time and space seems insignificant, each life has, in fact, been created for a special reason. 

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